Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

Yale Program for Recovery
and Community Health
Erector Square, Bldg. One
319 Peck Street
New Haven, CT 06513

Business Office:
Ph. 203-764-7594
Ph. 203-764-7582
Fx. 203-764-7595

Lorraine Myers-Johnson

Research Assistant, Department of Psychiatry

Phone: 203.764.8602
Fax: 203.772.2605

Program for Recovery & Community Health
Department of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine
319 Peck Street, Bldg. One
New Haven, CT 06513

Role in Program:
Research Assistant I

Professional Interests:
Throughout my twelve years experience here at Yale University I have learned many valuable lessons.  The most important lesson I learned is to “Never say never” when is comes to assisting people while they battle their addiction recovery.  Recovery is a major part of transitioning from using to sobriety.  My trainings, experiences, and research efforts has proven that once people are done using all we have to do as providers is stay committed and show a person just how important their recovery is to the provider.  A long time ago I was able to identify some logical reasons as to why people struggle so much with their recovery efforts and it is attributed to socioeconomic factors such as poverty, finances, environment, health statutes, etc.  Hopefully, being the dedicated person that I am, I hope that out of every 5 people I interview, at least one person will be serious about committing to their recovery, when that occurs it reassures in me that my job has been well done.

Personal Interests:
I am very blessed to have a wonderful loving supportive family.  I love to cook, watch movies, and spend time with my children and family pet.  





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