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Yale Program for Recovery
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David Stayner, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry

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Program for Recovery & Community Health
Department of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine
Erector Square, Building One
319 Peck Street
New Haven, CT 06513

Role in Program:
Senior Consultant

Professional Profile:
Dr. Stayner is Senior Consultant at the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, a clinical and community psychologist, and Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale Department of Psychiatry.  He consults widely nationally and internationally with behavioral health systems, community-based services, and hospitals that are engaged in transforming their programs to promote recovery, resiliency, and community integration.  As Senior Consultant, he spearheads collaboration with leaders and stakeholders to develop multi-level system transformation strategies that include assessment and evaluation of current practices and services utilizing qualitative, focus group, and quantitative survey data.  The resulting data are used to guide the development of targeted strategic planning; to implement recovery education and practice change efforts for all levels of staff and consumers; and to create recovery-oriented outcomes and quality improvement strategies.  A primary focus of this consulting work is to build “home-grown”, locally-based recovery resources and capacities within state and community health systems.  To this end, Dr. Stayner employs and teaches system change strategies adapted from Appreciative Inquiry, Organizational Culture Change, and Asset Based Community Development.  His consultation also draws upon his twelve years of experience in developing innovative community-focused programs that assist psychiatric clients to recover and build meaningful lives in local communities by maximizing resiliency, building positive social connections, and accessing local resources and opportunities.  

An expert in the design, use, and analysis of qualitative and focus group research, Dr. Stayner’s research efforts focus on identifying effective methods to facilitate recovery-oriented practice change in health systems and services; and on better understanding recovery and meaningful community living for people with serious psychiatric and/or substance disabilities.  Dr. Stayner has also supervised and taught all levels of behavioral health professionals and consumer-providers, assisting them to provide and create services that are recovery oriented and community focused.

Before his work in behavioral healthcare, Dr. Stayner spent over 10 years consulting to faith communities in their efforts to welcome and include people who are marginalized; to use creative arts to strengthen community connections; and to develop shared spiritualities of compassion, reconciliation and healing.  Offering workshops, retreats, conferences, and concerts, he and a small consulting team traveled and worked in local communities in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA.  More recently he continued this work as Director of the Program for Spiritual Formation at Yale Divinity School; and he now serves part-time as Associate Minister in an Episcopal Church in CT.

Educational Background
Ph.D., Columbia University, New York, NY 1994
M.Phil., Columbia University, New York, NY 1993
M.S., Columbia University, New York, NY 1992
B.A., Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 1988

Senior Consultant, Recovery Transformation Initiative, Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health, Philadelphia, PA. 

Senior Consultant, Transformation to Recovery Initiative, Georgia

Department of Mental Health, Addictions Diseases, and Developmental Disabilities, Georgia.

Senior Consultant, Recovery Transformation and Training Initiative, (city-wide partnership among hospitals and community providers) Montreal, Canada.

Senior Consultant, Recovery, Resiliency, and Wellness Transformation Initiative, Alameda County Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services, Oakland and Alameda County, CA.

Senior Consultant, Partnering with Veterans for Recovery Transformation, Veterans Administration Hospitals and Services, New York City, Long Island, and north-east New Jersey.

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