Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

Yale Program for Recovery
and Community Health
Erector Square, Bldg. One
319 Peck Street
New Haven, CT 06513

Business Office:
Ph. 203-764-7594
Ph. 203-764-7582
Fx. 203-764-7595

About The Perch

The Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health has launched an online literary magazine featuring pieces by authors from near and far, including Yale faculty and staff, New Haven area residents, and interested writers from around the U.S. and abroad. Our inaugural, pilot issue of the magazine was published in early 2013 with the hope of continuing publication biannually. Published pieces complement our program’s core focus on issues of health in the community and personal journeys through life. Our magazine takes a broad and holistic view of mental health as encompassing its physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. In addition, we are interested in individual health as well as larger societal health and how these two domains interact.

For additional information and submission information click here (.pdf). For access to the Submittable site click here.

See our first issue by clicking on the image below:

For questions or more information, contact Ashley Clayton.



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